MY Paleo Food Plan

MY Paleo Food Plan

A month ago, I shared how I let too much information distract me from my goals, health wise. (You can read the post here.) I’m happy to report I’ve jumped on the helm and regained some control over my lifestyle.

I simply started by re-focussing on my health goals: lose fat and become stronger. To do so, I’ve devised a few strategies.


From past experience, I knew my body doesn’t do so well with carbs. My end goal is to become ketogenic, to see if this metabolic state suits me. To start me off, I did the 21 Day Sugar Detox, a program created by Diane Sanfilippo author of NYT’s book Practical Paleo, and I joined the July online group for support. This is an amazing way to lower carbs. Participants boost each other and share recipes and motivation soar.


I’m a number girl. I like to see tangible improvement. So I started to take my blood sugar levels at different times of the day. I was shocked at how high my levels are in the morning, after a solid 12-hour fast. After all, I don’t eat any dairy, grains or legumes, so I assumed my numbers would be low, around 85. But I consistently got readings of over 100, to 109 one morning.

Picture me with a huge question mark above my head while reading my gluco-meter.

So I took out the allowed fruits in the 21 DSD program, green apples and green-tip bananas. My levels started to drop off in the 90s. Does that mean I’m THAT sensitive to carbs? I have to assume yes.

The part I don’t quite understand is my blood sugar numbers stabilize during the day and I get levels around 120 one hour after meals, which is excellent. I will search out answers for this little mystery.

Others numbers I started to track is blood ketones. Not quite numbers actually, but colors. Those pee sticks turn pink to purple when the body produces ketone. It took me at least two weeks of lowering carbs to start seeing pink. And in the last few days, I’ve seen purple. I like purple.


On the 4 goals I’ve given myself, the first one, Create MY Paleo Food Plan, is well under way. I understand it’s also flexible and will move as my body adjusts and when I travel. There’s nothing worse than locking yourself into a rigid diet only to burst out like a bull coming out of the pen with a daredevil cowboy on its back.

MY Paleo Food Plan includes lots of greens and colored vegetables: kale, chard, cabbage, broccoli, celery, radish, carrots. I have a moderate amount of protein: pastured fed pork and grass fed beef, chicken, sardines, tuna, salmon, farm fresh eggs, a bit of liver and a high amount of good fats like ghee, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado and avocado oil. I use egg yolks and a mix of olive and avocado oil to make mayo and use it for dips and dressings.

I have less wiggle room than folks with limited health issues, as I am on an Auto-Immune protocol and also avoid nuts, which make me react in a non-fun way. But like Sarah Ballantyne said at PaleoFx, instead of focussing on what I cannot eat, I focus on what I can eat. And I make dang sure what I can eat tastes dang good.


While I was pricking my fingers and peeing on a stick, what shows up in the mailbox? Jimmy Moore‘s new book, Keto Clarity, Your Definitive Guide to the Benefits of a Low-Carb, High Fat Diet. How fortuitous!

I read the book in three days. I learned concepts that blew up my pre-conceived notions of a low-carb, high fat diet. I took notes, I highlighted passages, I’ve bookmarked pages. If only I could ask Jimmy Moore some questions… Wait, but I will! We live in the same state! My upcoming post will all be about Keto Clarity. Though I have to admit, Jimmy delivers such a detailed, highly researched body of work on nutritional ketosis, my list of questions shortened with every page.


For the sake of not forgetting my good intentions, here are the 4 goals I’m working on:

  1. Create MY paleo food plan
  2. Devise which supplements will fit my needs
  3. Create a gym routine in harmony with tennis
  4. Set time aside for writing and guard it with intent

I’ll share more in the future. For now, keep well, keep healthy, and keep moving!


  1. Carole, you blow me away with your diet research and your determination to find your unique formula of diet and exercise. Pricking your finger, peeing on sticks, and reading-reading-reading. Is there nothing you won’t do to succeed?

  2. All this talk about staying in ketosis kind of scares me. I know many women end up with hormone issues after going too low. Also, I’m not sure on the research about why your blood sugar should be lower in the morning. I’ll have to ask my husband, but I’m sure he’s always higher in the morning. He has a monitor that takes constant readings during the night and it will rise and fall predictably overnight. I have a feeling that your body is accessing your stored fat while you sleep and using that, so that’s why your numbers are higher. Just be careful! Women are different from men and many of the books about low-carbs and ketosis are built on numbers and research about men. I’m sure you’ve taken all this into account and I’m just a worry wart! Sounds like you are really thinking hard about your health. 🙂


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