The Angst of Traveling, Paleo Style

The Angst of Traveling, Paleo Style

I’m going on a trip. On a trip that’s supposed to be fun. A vacation. Vacations are supposed to fun, right?


So here I am, the night before leaving for sunny California, and I’m a bit frazzled about what I’ll eat while at the airports, on the road, anywhere I don’t have a “home” base. I don’t want to seem a stickler for rules – especially paleo rules – but I keep my diet very strict. If I don’t, there are consequences I don’t want to even think about, even less live through.

I need a plan.


I know my fear of going hungry – like that’s going to happen in this land of plenty – is a problem that goes beyond sticking to a certain lifestyle. It’s a fear steeped deep in childhood and I need strategies to go through my traveling days.

First, I need distractions. When I keep my mind busy, I don’t feel like I need food right this minute. So I downloaded podcasts and books and movies. Then, I bought food to bring on the road.

I chose foods that fit with my current efforts to stay in ketosis. Foods with a high fat content because those will keep me satiated for long periods. Sardines and tuna in olive oil, avocados, jerky. No need for refrigeration. If stuck at the airport, I can always order a basic salad and add my fishy friends and be happy.


Once at my destination, my obsessive mind will calm down. My considerate husband always books hotels close to paleo friendly food stores, so the food issue will be resolved. This time, we will visit San Diego and I’m particularly excited to visit a few farmer’s markets. And who knows, maybe I’ll even order food from Pete’s Paleo. How I wish I could meet this extraordinary paleo chef, Pete Servold, in his own turf. I really enjoyed his duck croquettes presentation at PaleoFX this year. Unfortunately, his upcoming book, Paleo by Season, won’t be out yet.

Are you traveling this year? Any authors going to RWA San Antonio? What are your food plans when you travel?

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  1. Hi Carole! I’m going to RWA in July and I ordered a box of EPIC bars for the road. Bison, bacon, and cranberry…YUM! I know I will likely run into roadblocks with my food, but a certain amount of acceptance is required when traveling, even on the best of road trips. And yes, we are driving. That way I can bring a cooler of snacks. We’re even staying in a hotel with a complete kitchen! Not sure how much I’ll cook, but it should help! Have fun on your trip. 🙂


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